A New World: The Continuous Voyage

As the winds blew and ruffled the sails of the three ships, I can only imagine the looks of disbelief and utter amazement as the crews stared upon what is known today as The Americas. Aboard the Santa Maria stood Christopher, an Italian native, whose voyages to the “New World” may have been deemed ludicrous and suicidal. At this point, the once feared horizon had been trivialized, downgraded from a “death drop” to a mere point of reference, a line that continues with the endless ocean. Basking in the glory of discovery (rediscovery as we now know), Columbus knew they had done it, they had solved a puzzle that existed since the beginning of time- the world was not flat!

Today, we are still voyaging. Humans are the most complex species present in the world: always mutating, evolving, changing and growing. We are living in a technological age, where we know much more now than ever before. However, as we grow in knowledge, we are also met with the onset of new challenges, proving that there is still so much that is unknown to us. More medicine yet more complex diseases, easier access to information and education yet an increase in unemployment, more houses yet so many are homeless. Increased knowledge has triggered the simultaneous increase in the unknown, as man’s intelligence and invention has brought us no closer to the horizon than we were before. Of all there is to know, do we know more than we do not know? Are we closer to answers than we are to questions?

Join us as we take you on a journey of discovering a new world, where our voyage will take us on waters less explored, in an attempt to not only unmask social pathologies but intervene and ascribe suitable remedies. Expounding on the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child,” we believe “It takes the world to save the world.” Avast ye! All hands on deck.


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